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Health Genesis is a well-established name in the business of
nutritional supplements, personal care products and sports nutrition
goods. We are a reputable manufacturer,exporter,trader and wholesale
supplier of supplements and personal care products. We work primarily
with raw materials, nutraceutical capsules, tablets, softgels, liquids, private
label services,custom formulas, and over 225 established name brands. Our
ingredients are obtained from reliable sources that adhere to international
certifications and norms such as WHO, GMP, Schedule M, ISO 9001 and many
others. Our aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. With
our wide rangeof products and services. In addition, we are a prominent logistics service
provider within the supplement industry.

With our extensive experience and market knowledge, we have established ourselves as one of the most credible health product providers internationally. We have been in the health distribution industry since 1997. As a wholesaler, we sell bulk quantities of many different products from a select group of manufacturers. We also are able to supply specific quantities of our products in order to serve our smaller retail customers. Our network base is large, which allows us to keep a pulse on current market drivers. Doing so helps us stay ahead of the ever changing health supplement industry. We work with retailers, distributors, internet merchants, doctors, pharmacies, governments, relief organizations, manufacturers, other wholesalers and major importers worldwide. Health Genesis offers a comprehensive range of products from countries all over the world. Nearly any item sold through a health food store, or major natural products chain, can be sourced through us.

We have a strong code of ethics at Health Genesis. Health Genesis supplies only quality products that are manufactured, maintained and shipped under stringent guidelines and controls to ensure quality – free from error, defect or adulteration. We believe in promoting products that are reviewed by our staff, thoroughly, before we will offer them to our customers.

We believe in fair and competitive pricing, so we do our best to supply our products at the absolute best available prices. More so than just selling products, we believe in establishing and cultivating strong relationships that are of mutual benefit, both equitable and profitable for all parties concerned.

Opportunities, collaboration, marketing, sales and business development with Health Genesis

We are always open to new ideas and welcome them wholeheartedly:

For manufacturers/Wholesalers/Retailers: If you are interested in promoting our products, services or brands at the international level, please contact us. We assist in the processes of registration in key markets, promotion, sales and marketing. Also, special marketing campaigns in print and or the internet. If there is a special product or products that you wish to promote, let us know; we can provide this service either through co-marketing or stand-alone marketing.

For other wholesalers and distributors: We invite you to contact us with the products and services you have to offer. We can feature and offer your products or services on our web sites and promote your products through our different businesses divisions and our various partners.

For individuals: Health Genesis is looking for sales representatives that can help grow our brand worldwide (outside the U.S. only). We offer a very competitive commission pay structure. Please contact us for more details.

Special Services to our European Customers

Non European Locations We Frequently Ship to

Canada: We ship directly to Canada using UPS, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. For special shipping services email us before ordering. Private Label orders are dispatched within 4-7 business days, excluding weekends. The shipping time to Canada varies and can be approximately 5 to 10 business days from the day of shipment. Parcels may be subject to additional customs clearance time and import duty. We do everything within our power to make sure that your parcel is labeled properly in order to avoid delays and excessive import tax/duties. Be aware that the laws in your country may require that you pay import duty upon receiving any merchandise and therefore you are fully responsible for these fees.

South America: When ordering from South and Central America, including Mexico, you must select UPS GLOBAL EXPEDITED SERVICE as the only shipping method. We do not ship to South America using any other shipping method or service aside from UPS GLOBAL EXPEDITED. Hablamos Español.

Africa: We do not ship to Nigeria, Togo, or Ghana.

Please contact us if you are in any other country for restrictions and/or availability.

Other non-European Union countries that we very frequently ship to are: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, among others.

Countries we do not ship to: Togo, Ghana, Palestine, Indonesia, Nigeria and Norway.

If you have any questions, please contact us HERE


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